The John D. Thompson Distinguished Visiting Fellow Award

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Previous Award Recipients: 

2001 Gail Warden             2002 Elaine Ullian

2003 Gail Wilensky           2004 Nancy Johnson

2005 Joseph Zaccagnino   2006 Patrick Charmel

2007 Cleve Killingsworth   2008 Martin Sepulveda

2009 Ira Magaziner           2010 Don Berwick

2011 Cheryl Scott             2012 Robert Galvin

2013 Carolyn Clancy         2014 Elizabeth Bradley

2015 Harlan Krumholz       2016 Leah Binder

2017 Patrick Conway


We would like to extend a thank you to the JDT board members:

Edi Baum

Maura Carley

Scott Stratton

Pamela Sutton-Wallace

Siobhan Thompson

Deirdre Hamilton

The faculty, students, and alumnae of the YSPH Health Management Program are proud to celebrate and honor the memory of Professor John D. Thompson with the John D. Thompson Distinguished Visiting Fellow Award. The award pays tribute to Professor Thompson’s contributions as an educator, researcher, and mentor in health administration, including his pioneering work in healthcare finance and hospital quality of care. The fellowship program brings a leader in health administration to the School each year to share their experiences with students and discuss emerging challenges in health administration. The program is supported by the John Devereaux Thompson Academic Development fund. 

John D. Thompson (1917-1992) was a professor at Yale’s Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health, and is perhaps best known for his role in the development of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) for hospital reimbursement. A true innovator, Professor Thompson was an early advocate for the application of quantitative data in health policy formulation. Today’s healthcare management students and leaders continue to be inspired by his compassion for patients, dedication to research, and belief in the power of data. 

Patrick Conway, recipient of the 2017 John D. Thompson Award

Patrick Conway, recipient of the 2017 John D. Thompson Award