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The Case for Vertical Integration: Do Replicable Models Exist?

Vertical integration between payors and providers is increasing and evolving, taking shape in models that span the range from full to partial allocation of risk. Large, integrated health systems have existed for decades in a few markets and some have demonstrated the ability to provide high quality services while controlling costs. More recently, accountable care organizations have formed to internalize financial risk within a provider network while seeking to maintain quality. Novel partnerships between insurers and health systems are also emerging, offering alternatives to full integration that nonetheless attempt to align incentives and reallocate risk. Can vertical integration keep costs down and quality up? Which models work, and how can they be scaled? After a brief overview of trends in value-based care and integration, panelists will detail their organization’s approach to integration, results, and potential replicability. The implications of vertical payor-provider integration for broader health system reform will be examined.

Dr. Mohammad   Haven Free Clinic (Moderator)

Dr. Mohammad
Haven Free Clinic

Katharine Miao   CityMD

Katharine Miao